Vetiver: fragrance of the forest

29 Feb

Vetiver roots (Photo by David Monniaux)

Tweet  Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) comes from the Tamil word meaning “hatcheted up”—a description of how the roots of the plant are gathered.  It is famously known in India and the world of cuisine as Khus khus, and is also called Vetivert. The tall, perennial aromatic grass can grow up to 1.5 meters in height, has [...]

A drop of Neroli, a world of tranquillity

29 Feb

Neroli flowers (Photo by Starry Raston)

TweetPrincess Anne Maria De La Tremoille of Nerola, Italy was fond of using the Bitter Orange Tree oil as perfume.  She was known to dab her stationery, scarves and gloves with it, and even add drops of it to her bathwater.  The scent had become so popular in Italy and all over the world that [...]

Sweet Anise

14 Feb

Anise (Photo from Encyclopaedia Britannica Online)

Tweet    Used in Egypt since the 1500 BC, Anise is identified as one of the oldest spice plants used in food and medicine.  It is also believed as one of the earliest aromatics mentioned in literature. The Egyptians used Anise in making bread, while the Greeks used it to calm the digestive tract.  Its [...]

Bergamot: take a break from it all

31 Jan

Bergamot orange from Italy (Photo by Jacopo Werther)

TweetWe look for citrus scents to invigorate us.  Because of our fast-paced lives wherein much is demanded from us, we occasionally need to stop, take a breath and clear our mind before moving ahead. One of the most expensive and popular citrus oils in aromatherapy is Bergamot, also known as Bergamot orange.  The name is [...]

Lavender: the all-around oil

26 Jan

Bee on a Lavender flower (Photo by TTaylor)

TweetThe first thing that may come to mind when the word Lavender is spoken is that beautiful blue-purple flower.  In the world of aromatherapy, this flower also known as “garden,” “common” or “English lavender” yields a favourite essential oil among both aromatherapy buffs and aromatherapists. Lavender comes from the Latin “lavera”, which means “to wash”.  [...]

Ylang-ylang: Queen of perfumes

22 Jan

Ylang-ylang flowers (Photo by Bruno Navez)

TweetYlang-ylang is oftentimes referred to as the poor man’s Jasmine, given that while it matches Jasmine’s highly invigorating scent, it is less expensive.  This is not to say that among the two, Ylang-ylang is the lesser flower.  In fact it is a favourite in perfumery and is a key ingredient in some of the most [...]

Cleanse the air with Juniper

18 Jan

Juniper foliage and berries (Photo by MPF)

TweetThere are around 60 species of Juniper, but Juniperus communis, or simply the Common Juniper, is the tree where Juniper essential oil is extracted.  This oil served as protection against evil spirits during the early times.  Right now it has evolved into a purifying agent, freeing the mind, spirit and body of equally “evil” or [...]

Jasmine: Queen of the night

10 Jan

Jasmine (Photo from JM Garg)

Tweet  Songs and poems have been written about it.  It is a widely chosen name for baby girl.  There is a good reason why Jasmine has reached this status and even be labelled as “Queen of the night”, which we will later on find out. Jasminum Gradiflorum goes by other names: True Jasmine, Jasmin, Jessamine [...]

Starting the year right with the scent of Cedarwood

10 Jan

Cedarwood tree foliage with mature cone (Photo by Liné1)

TweetWe have entered into a New Year and as always we are filled with excitement over the many plans we made and the possibilities that await us.  To assist us in this fresh start, we need something that will stimulate our mind and at the same time balance our energy.  The essential oil that fits [...]

Decorate for the New Year with Hurricane Candles

1 Jan

Hurricane Candle (photo from BC3 Designs)

TweetThe New Year is traditionally welcomed with a bang, but it must also be celebrated with lasting light and warmth.  No decor can be more fitting to this big occasion than a hurricane candle.   What are hurricane candles? A hurricane candle, interestingly, is not exactly a candle, rather it is a wax shell wherein [...]